Social Media

  • Identify different types of social media and their primary functions (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter).
  • Create a new account on a social media network.
  • Recognize information posted by others or online or on social media networks that may present a risk to you (user as consumer of information).
  • Demonstrate knowledge of managing “friends” on Facebook: adding friends or accepting/declining “friend” requests.
  • Demonstrate an awareness that social media accounts have privacy settings that can be set by users.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the consequences of “liking” something.
  • Share content by uploading media.
  • Identify information that is unwise to post and/or upload on a social media (too much personal sharing, inappropriate photos/comments) (User as publisher of information).
  • Distinguish between public and private “spaces” on social media sites (ex: Facebook messages and Facebook wall).
  • Post, share, like or comment on content.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the permanence of anything posted on the internet.

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