Microsoft Excel

  • Open a workbook.
  • Identify parts of Excel Screen: ribbon, formula bar, active cell, name box, column letter, row number.
  • Locate a cell.
  • Identify sheet tabs, create a new tab, and rearrange tabs.
  • Name worksheets.
  • Create headings and freeze them.
  • Format cells: bold, underline, size, merge and center, wrap text, number (currency, time, percentages, etc.)
  • Adjust rows and columns.
  • Enter data in a cell.
  • Copy and move cell entries.
  • Choose page orientation.
  • Select a print area and print.
  • Save and name workbook.
  • Insert and delete rows and columns.
  • Write a formula in the formula bar (, +, *, /).
  • Use Auto Fill.
  • Use AutoSum (Sum, average, etc.).
  • Select a range.
  • Sort data (least to greatest, alphabetically, etc.).
  • Create a graph using data.
  • Save and close workbook using the quick access toolbar.

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