• Open a new or existing PowerPoint presentation.
  • Identify parts of the PowerPoint Screen: slide navigation pane, slide pane, notes, the ribbon, quick access toolbar, and scroll bars.
  • Insert new slides, duplicate, or reuse slides.
  • Manage text (insert, delete, copy, cut and paste, drag and drop, format, and use spellcheck).
  • Apply or change a theme.
  • Use zoom control.
  • Insert items into a presentation, resize, and adjust them (video, chart, pictures, clip art, screenshots).
  • Add a textbox, adjust it, resize it, or delete it.
  • Change the view of slides (normal, slide sorter, reading view, slideshow view).
  • Insert, delete and move slides using slide navigation pane.
  • Use the quick access toolbar.
  • Apply and customize slide transitions (select, preview, add sound, automatic advance).
  • Understand the basics of PowerPoint etiquette (limited text, text that stands out on background, clear titles)
  • Play a slideshow, advance through the slides, and end slideshow (using screen toolbar features).
  • Save a presentation as a .ppt, .pdf, .png, etc.
  • Create handouts.
  • Print a presentation.

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